“Overwatch” is Popular But “The Division” Still Reigns Suprme

Digital gaming world is one where gamers consistently get new versions and updates from the providers. The world is also extremely volatile and whatever is at the top today may take a backseat after sometimes and go into simple oblivion.

That is not happening with “The Division” however.


With the arrival of “Overwatch” many thought that the era of the “The Division” may come to an end quickly. It could be a repeat story like “The Division” replacing “ “The advantage” sometimes back when it entered into the arena. Unlike such thing the rising popularity of “Overwatch” has not yet been able to dethrone “The Division” that continues to be the blue eyed boy for most of the digital game lovers. Today it boasts of a staggering figure of 330 million dollars that has been amassed from the game lovers all over the world.

Photo - Blizzard

With the arrival of “Overwatch:” the fans started experiencing amazing features of Blizzard in digital gaming world. The game was one of the best launched so far and it received rave reviews from the gamers and experts alike. It was a great hit but was still not powerful enough to replace the reigning champion “The Division” which continues to be the most purchased new IPs of all times.

There are other stakeholders in the field like “Destiny” from Activision which amassed $325 million during the same five days in which “The Division” amassed $330 million but still remains second in the line. There is no doubt that “The Division” is the best selling new IP in the gaming world.

Providers of “Overwatch” seem to be ambitious in their estimation about ability to cover seven million gamers and thus collecting revenues to the tune of $400 milliion. But the estimation seems a little too ambitious considering that the IP has two versions with one priced at $60 and the other at $40. Only if all the 7 million players (if they are hooked at all) buy the$60 version the target could be achieved. On the other hand if they opt for the less expensive $40 version then the sale can fall much short of the target at around $280 million without any impact on the supremacy of “The Division”.

However like most popular IPs the supremacy of “The Division” is not without clichés. It is reported that the servers would be closed down to address bug issues that make the game unplayable within 3 hours time. It is expected that the scheduled maintenance will address the issues comfortably. Experts on the job indicate that they would fix all the bugs including the Clear Sky issues in short time.

A press release from Blizzard showed that their “Overwatch” had been played by over seven million players for nearly 119 million hours as well as 11 millions of payloads. But they did not indicate any revenue figure and this seems weird.

While “The Division” and “Destiny” both sold season passes “Overwatch” has a cash shop that helps the gamers to pay for the “loot crates” on various cosmetic items. This can generate additional revenue but it may not be enough to dislodge “The Division” from top or even “The Destiny” from the second slot.

“Overwatch” may be a big heat but it is “The Division” that still reigns.