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    Google Chrome will give warning "Not Secure" for HTTP sites after January 2017. Google want a connection between Chrome and web page more secure i.e. private. A green lock in the URL indicates HTTPS connection which points "Your connection to this site is private."

    Google search already started preferring HTTPS web pages over HTTP pages.

    Web hosting providers like Automatic, has already turned on SSL for their hosted customers in April 2016.
    Let's Encrypt, a project of the nonprofit Internet Security Research Group provides the free certificates to Dreamhost, Squarespace, and WordPress. Dreamhost requires you to purchase unique IP address on your hosting plan for free SSL.

    Hosting Providers like ZDNet and Hivelocity offers free Let's Encrypt certificates

    Let's Encrypt
    • It is Open Certificate Authority providing free and automated SSL-Certificates to enable HTTPS for websites supported by Google Chrome, Mozilla, and EFF.
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