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  • CYRN Company Profile

    Formerly known as Commtouch Software Ltd
    Security-as-a-Service provider engaged in developing and marketing information security solutions for protecting The Web, e-mail, and mobile transactions.

    Headquartered: Herzliya, Israel

    Establishment: February 10, 1991

    Company Technologies: CYREN GlobalView Cloud and Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD)

    Services Offered
    • CYREN WebSecurity (CWS), CYREN EmailSecurity, Cyber Intelligence Suite, and Embedded Solutions.
    • Messaging solutions includes anti-spam, Outbound Spam Protection for service providers, Zero-Hour virus outbreak protection, and GlobalView Mail Reputation services, as well as Command Antivirus and GlobalView URL Filtering services.
    • Network and Security Solutions include unified threat management solutions, network routers and appliances, anti-virus solutions
    • Integrated cloud security technology solutions that mitigate cyber threats, malware attacks, information leaks, legal liability and productivity loss through the application of cyber intelligence.
    • Unified threat management (UTM) solutions, network appliances
    • Antivirus and The Web security solutions
    • The company delivers security services to a range of clients and original equipment maker (OEM)
    • Content security gateways Service providers, such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) vendors, Web hosting providers, and Internet service providers

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