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  • Comodo cybersecurity solutions

    Key Selling Points
    • Comodo Group Inc. is the World's largest certificate authority currently securing over 38 million fully qualified domains.
    • Global innovator of cyber security solutions, protecting critical information across the digital landscape
    • The world's largest certificate authority
    Services Offered
    • Every single digital transaction is authenticated, validated and secured through a layer of trust and security. Comodo provides SSL certificates, antivirus, and endpoint security leadership and true containment technology.
    • The company provides complete end-to-end security solutions across the boundary, internal network, and endpoint with innovative technologies solving the most advanced malware threats, both known and unknown.
    • Digital Certificate Management (CCM) Platform
      Allows customers (enterprises) to self-administer, instantly provision, auto-discover, and manage their entire digital certificate ecosystem from any certificate authority (CA). It organizes them into one central inventory to simplify SSL/private key information (PKI) tracking and management and alerts them when certificates are about to expire.
    • Zero-day malware: New malware never seen before and continue to plague businesses of all sizes. They are not detected by existing security systems and hide on endpoints and networks.
      Hackers use them as useful tools. Millions of hidden files are created and modified each year.
    • Valkyrie: A cloud-based significant component of the AEP solution. It goes beyond typical signature-based checking for malware accomplishes and brings an instantiations file check using an online file verdict system, which tests the entire run-time behavior of a file with a range of static and behavioral checks to identify those that are malicious.
      It is efficient at detecting zero-day threats missed by the signature-based detection systems of standard antivirus products.
      The Valkyrie, Comodo's cloud-based file analysis tool, automatically prevents hidden files from executing, and renders a file verdict as 'Good' or 'Bad.'. The unknown files get isolated in automatic containment in a virtual environment on the endpoint.
      The detailed information helps IT security professionals with exact information to protect the environment from advanced persistent threats (APTs) and other cyber-attacks.
    • cWatch EDR: Endpoint Detection And Response Solution is the part company's security solutions advanced endpoint protection to detect, prevent and respond to malware infection. It blocks and isolates unknown, zero-day attacks of malware, Trojans, and other harmful executables – and renders those attacks useless against endpoints and networks.
      • Features of cWatch EDR include:
        i) Continuous monitoring of endpoints
        ii) Advanced search capabilities for file hashes and anomaly detection
        iii) Real-time visibility into what's happening in your environment
        iv) 100 percent trusted verdicts for all files, ensuring detection of any malware, even new attacks
        v) Unrivaled process timeline visualization
        vi) Retrospective analysis of what has happened
        vii) Centralized cloud-hosted architecture
        viii) Works in concert with Comodo's global threat intelligence
        ix) Human analysis for unknown file and event types
        x) Compatible with other endpoint security tools
    Headquartered: Clifton, New Jersey

    Other Offices: branch office in Silicon Valley and international offices and R&D centers across Europe and Asia (China, India).

    Target Customer: mid-sized companies, to the world's largest enterprises

    No. of Customers: 50 percent of SSL certificate market share worldwide and securing more than 38 million fully qualified domains

    President: Michael Fowler
    CEO: Melih Abdulhayoğlu

    Latest News
    • (November 01, 2017) Comodo CA acquired by Francisco Partners The company also owns SonicWall, which produces SSL proxy boxes, and NSO Group, which provides government spyware, among other cyber-surveillance upstarts.
    • (Jul 13, 2017) The company announced upgrade Program exclusively for owners of Symantec, Thawte, and GeoTrust digital certificates by offering one year free with Comodo replacement extended validation (EV) certificates. Recent news reports, Symantec-issued certificates will have a shorter life and not have the green trust padlock indicator.
    • (June 27, 2017) Announced Free fully-featured, enterprise-class cWatch EDR Endpoint Detection And Response Solution. It enables any size organization to detect malware on endpoints better and investigate and respond to security incidents.
    • (Jan. 18, 2017, PRNewswire) Distinguished Leader in Digital Certificates Neal Creighton Joins Comodo as Advisor to Drive SSL Business. As the former co-founder, president and CEO at GeoTrust, another leading certificate authority, he led a $24 million financing round and sold GeoTrust to Verisign for $125 million. Currently based in Boston, is a graduate of the USMA at West Point and holds a JD and an MBA from Northwestern University.
    • Creighton has also spearheaded ventures, including GeoTrust spin-off chosen security, acquired by PGP, Corp. (now Symantec), and AffirmTrust LLC, acquired by Trend Micro. He is currently president and CEO of CounterTack, where he has raised more than $72 million to support the company's rapidly growing endpoint security and threat platform.
    • (Oct. 26, 2016 PRNewswire) To aid in the fight against cyber attacks, Comodo Offers Free Forensic Analysis to Uncover Zero-day Malware Lurking on Enterprise Endpoints and Networks. Underpinned by Comodo's industry-leading Default Deny Platform, this analysis will help enterprises to discover 100 percent of all previously unknown and undetected malware in environments that could ultimately cause serious cyber-security issues, including a data breach.
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