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  • PeakHosting Hosting Provider

    Key Selling Points
    • Top OaaS Managed hosting provider
    • World’s largest Web properties designed, created, support and maintained by this company.
    Establishment: 2001

    Services Offered
    • Operations-as-a-Service (OaaS) solution: Serves as a technical department for client business. The company allows a customer to focus on business growth and left all the technical aspects such as handling of servers, software up gradation, OS installation, etc. on it. It takes care of applications, networking, databases, security, data center, monitoring, operating system, storage and others.
    • Managed Hosting Service: Design, Build, Migration handled by company's technical staff.
    Support: 24.7.365

    What for Customers?
    • Always Up Architecture
    • Performance
    Mailing Address
    19801 SW 72nd Avenue
    Suite 300, Tualatin
    OR 97062
    Phone: (888) 476-7325, (909) 945-4826, (855) 901-7325
    Fax: 503-783-6116

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