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    Unique Selling Points
    • Extensible cross database, mobile friendly, Content Management System and Web Application Framework written in C# ASP.NET
    • Easy to use and extend.
    • Upgraded with stable Ajax Control Toolkit version 15.1 maintained by DevExpress.
    • Page Manager Pro has been added to the mojoPortal core.
    Webstore Features
    • Added basic rate shipping price to products
    • Control settings to control whether non-downloaded orders require authentication
    • FlexMenu to control rendering of href when page is not clickable
    • Current Version: 2.5
    • A new File Manager replacing all three managers in previous versions.
    • Self-explanatory documentation
    Page Manager Pro
    • Easier page management with drag and drop functionality to move pages.
    • Enhanced UI to make site hierarchy simpler and understandable.
    Image Editor
    • CKEditor 4.6.2 with moono, moono-dark, and moono-lisa (default) skins. By default, image2 extension is included.
    • Updated to Colorbox 1.6.4 and changed Colorbox theme configuration.
    • Added Framework as the default skin and removed Artisteer skins.

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